Zac with Debbie DeGrotHello neighbors,

Below is a testimonial I've written about Debbie DeGrot's Buyer Efficiency calls and all that her program has done for the Zac Team.

"Thanks to Debbie’s Buyer Efficiency calls, our team’s buyer transactions are up 30 percent in the last year, even in this unusual market! These calls are teaching our Buyer Agents how to get a Buyer’s Agency Agreement signed using a very simple 5 step approach. And it’s working - we’re getting every buyer that we want into a Buyer’s Agency Agreement prior to ever putting them in the car! In fact, the last six buyer agents who have joined my team got their first Buyer’s Agency Agreement signed within their first 30 days - and over half of them were new licensees!

"This is my third time participating in the Buyer Efficiency calls in the past 18 months and my team and I look forward to doing it again. Debbie does a great job of coaching us on how to show and close buyers! Thanks Debbie!"

Best regards,