If we come out of the gate with your home overpriced, all of the agents that show properties will instantly write you off as non-motivated sellers. From an agent’s perspective, the higher a price is on a property, the less a seller needs to sell it.

Now, a non-motivated seller means that even if you come down in price later, two things will happen. Most agents won’t even realize your home has been reduced. Now, you might say, "Can’t we send them a flyer telling them that it’s been reduced?" Yes, we could send everyone a flyer telling them that the prices has been reduced, but agents get hundreds of flyers a week and there is a good chance it will go unnoticed.

If they see that you had the home priced really high in the beginning, that will tell them that you were kind-of unrealistic when we listed the property, meaning that you didn’t believe that what we were saying was true and all agents interpret this as trouble when it comes to getting the deal closed.

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This is part of an on-going question and answer series of the most frequently asked questions we get in real estate. From seller objections to buyer concerns, the zac team will help explain our rationale behind our philosophy in selling real estate here in Atlanta!

#1: “If I list my home with you and buy my next home from you, will you cut your commission?”
#2: “What should I do about keeping my promise to the agent from which I originally bought the home?”
#3: "I have seen this marketing plan from many different agents, what makes yours different?"
#4: “Why is your price so much lower than the other agents that we have talked to? I mean, they have comparisons that show higher prices than yours.”
#5: "Should I wait to sell my Atlanta home until home values go up?"

#6: “How much advertising will you do? Because I want a lot of advertising!”

#7: “Why should I hire such a busy agent? You have so many listings, we want someone that can give us the attention we deserve.”
#8: “Should I find a house before I put mine on the market?”
#9: “What do I do if I need to net a certain amount in order to move?"

#10: “If I have to sell at that price, then why shouldn't I just sell it myself?”
#11: “If we have to sell that low, then why wouldn't we just sell it ourselves and pay 3% to the agent that sells it?”