In today’s economy the market is going to do one of two things; either remain the same or continue to go down, so you can see how waiting just doesn’t help. Your home could be worth 8-11% less in 12 months than it is today.

If you're thinking about selling, you can start by finding out what your Atlanta home is worth by going to You can also view the zac team's Plan of Action and Marketing Plan online anytime at!

This is part of an on-going question and answer series of the most frequently asked questions we get in real estate. From seller objections to buyer concerns, the zac team will help explain our rationale behind our philosophy in selling real estate here in Atlanta!

#1: “If I list my home with you and buy my next home from you, will you cut your commission?”
#2: “What should I do about keeping my promise to the agent from which I originally bought the home?”
#3: "I have seen this marketing plan from many different agents, what makes yours different?"

#4: “Why is your price so much lower than the other agents that we have talked to? I mean, they have comparisons that show higher prices than yours.”