Recently, RIS Media's real estate magazine published the top environmental pet peeves of office workers across the United States. The study, conducted by Xerox Corporation, uncovered the most frequent frustrations of co-workers not taking the small steps to lessen environmental impact.

Here are the top ten suggestions based on the top pet peeves of office workers:

1. Think before you print!
40% of employees said that their #1 concern is mindless printing, resulting in increased waste. More and more email signatures are popping up with the tagline, "Please consider the environment before printing this email!" Perhaps you can add it to your personal signature?

2. Turn off the lights!
37% said that leaving the lights on ranks top on their list of annoyances. Simple enough - look behind you when you leave and flip the switch!

3. Invest in a few well-placed recycling bins!
33% stated that lack of recycling bins concerns them the most. If you can't get the whole office to participate, then start small - put a recycling bin under your desk and encourage others to bring their recyclables to you. With the ease of recycling in DeKalb County, you can take it home once a week and put it in with your recycling.

4. Control the heat and air!
29% are bothered by using excessive air conditioning in summer and heat in winter. Dress appropriately and you shouldn't have to freeze the office nor turn it into a sauna.

5. Purchase a few dishes!
27% are frustrated at the excessive use of paper products, like cups, plates, etc. Don't have space in the office? Then start bringing your own reusable dishes to work!

6. Encourage each other to recycle!
27% are dismayed that their coworkers do not recycle. Again, start small with your own recycling bin and encourage others to use yours or start their own.

7. Use the duplex feature! Print double-sided!
24% stated that their #1 concern is coworkers not printing double-sided when they can. If you know how, then show people how to use the duplex feature so they can print double-sided. Or ask someone if you're unsure.

8. Do you really need that cover sheet? Ask first!
24% clench their fists when seeing too many cover sheets when faxing or printing. In the digital age and the era of e-faxing, are cover sheets really all that necessary any more when the fax goes directly into someone's email? Ask them first!

9. Is it an electronic file? Then don't do double work!
24% are annoyed at having to store paper copies of existing, electronic files. Ask first if a paper copy is really necessary. Most offices have an electronic back-up system to protect data, so paper filing is a thing of the past.

10. Turn it off!
23% expressed chagrin at others leaving their computer on and not powering down when going home.

If you find you or your coworkers sharing some of these same frustrations, then take action! It doesn't have to be much - some of the suggestions made here are small ones and don't require a huge office investment or approval. If you have any questions or suggestions, please give Jenny a call at 404.564.7250 (she's sort-of the zac team's resident tree-hugger).