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As mentioned in our previous post, Green Homes, Healthy for the Environment, like other task such as recycling, building environmental healthy homes is another way to preserve our environment as well as promote a healthier lifestyle for ourselves.

The EarthCraft House Program, a program of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, which was co-created by the HBA and Southface Energy Institute, is a group that promotes healthy living by building homes that are environmentally friendly.

This voluntary group produces homes that are not only friendly to the environment but homes that are also friendly to our pockets. All green homes reduce the price of utilities such as energy and water.

Becoming an EarthCraft Home builder is not an arduous task. For builders to be eligible, they must first be in good standing with the HBA, join the EarthCraft Home builder program, and attend the one-day training program.

After completing the initial requirements, builders must then turn in a worksheet showing which EarthCraft House measure they plan to use for a particular home in which they will receive one on one design advice. In addition, builders will also receive advice on construction. Also, builders can change their measures as long as the minimum requirements for certification are earned.

Lastly, a final worksheet is turned in after construction is completed, showing the measures that were used. An inspection by EarthCraft staff will then take place making sure the home is efficient.

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