Hello neighbors,

As many of you may already know, beginning January 1, 2010, Georgia will enforce the super speeders law. Metro Atlanta is known for bad traffic and super speeders but starting Friday, those super speeders will have to pay an additional $200 if caught going over 85 miles per hour on Georgia roads and interstates. If a speeder is caught going 75 miles per hour or more on a two lane road he or she will also have to pay extra.

If a driver is pulled over for going 85 miles per hour or more on a road or interstate or 75 miles per hour or more on a two lane road, the officer will issue a regular speeding ticket that may not indicate the new state fine. However, the driver will be notified by mail from the state requesting the additional $200 fine which has to be paid within 90 days of the letter's date.

For those speeders who refuse to pay, their license will be suspended.

So if you are a speeder, you may want to add no speeding to your New Year's resolution list.

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