Greetings neighbors,

Wondering how much your home is worth? Take advantage of free market evaluations offered by real estate brokers or sales people. Remember, there are no specific requirements of what a market evaluation should include but these are the basics that can guide you in determining your position and the services offered by real estate professionals:

Solds -What a buyer is willing to pay is what the property is exactly worth. It's a good idea to study solds in for your location and surrounding areas.

Expireds - Listings that are terminated after being on the market for 30-90 days. These are normally overpriced homes based on current patterns of the buyers and property condition.

Currents - If you were to place your home on the market, how would it compare to others in the area?

Value Boosters - Minor home improvements can boost your property value. If needed, your real estate professional will offer some suggestions. It would be very wise to take note of what he or she suggest.

Value Range - You will be guided through the process of determining a range for your property with the key factors: solids, expired, and currents. Don't worry your real estate agent will explain the difference between range and absolute value.

Selling Cost - What you keep (the net) is what matters the most, not the list price or market value.

What Ifs - To complete your real estate value listing you will need example listings for moves "up" or "downsizing". Sometimes the greatest value can come from closing the price gap between your neighborhood and the "better" neighborhoods.