See what one of our past clients has to say about the Zac Team's great service:

“The zac team had previously sold two homes in my complex and I’ve seen their signs around town for a long time, so I decided to give them a try. Knowing the team’s success in the intown area was a big motivator to pick up the phone and call Zac.

“With my first agent, we had 60 showings over eight or nine months and I’m not even sure that she could tell me why half of them didn’t come back or didn’t make an offer. With the constant communication from the zac team, I knew exactly what was going on! Everyone was so professional, moved quickly, and were always available.

“Thanks to the zac team’s negotiating skills, we got what we wanted out of the place in terms of price, so I was pleased. Y’all told me you could sell it quickly and you did! And that’s what I’ve seen you do time and time again around the area. Thanks for getting this house off my back so I can get back to paying one mortgage!”

— Greg Gardner

Thanks again, Greg! We're always happy to put our professionalism and expertise to work for you, whether you're buying or selling a home!