Find out what our past clients are saying about the Zac Team’s great service :


“Communication was one of the biggest things with the zac team! We had two other agents before the zac team and the communication was terrible. We really appreciated the zac team returning our phone calls promptly! Their professionalism definitely set them apart from those agents that don’t step up to the plate for you.


The zac team always provided prompt and accurate information and always had good, solid advice. They gave us the statistics and reasoning to explain why we made certain decisions. There was a reason behind everything and we were ready to sell!


“Zac’s many websites are a powerful and influential marketing tool — they definitely helped increase the traffic a lot more than an agency that didn’t put forth the effort like the zac team does.


“Overall, everybody that we’ve interacted with from the zac team was very professional, very pleasant, and we would recommend them to anyone!”

-Denise & Dennis Dolan


Thanks, Denise & Dennis! We’re always ready to provide professional and courteous service to you, whether you’re buying or selling a home!