30315 Multi Family

September 2016

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Recent 30315 Multi Family Sales 
 Sales Price  Address Unit  Bedrooms  Bathrooms 
$350,000 455 Atlanta AVE  DUPLX    
$175,000 1897 Jonesboro RD  TRIPL    
$165,000 1685 Richmond AVE  QUADP    
$150,000 982 Grant TER  DUPLX    
$49,000 2661 Macon DR TRIPL    
  Average Sales Price     $     177,800  

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Courtesy of Zac Pasmanick at The Zac Team @ RE/MAX Metro Atlanta Cityside, RE/MAX Metro Atlanta CitySide. Please contact me with your real estate needs and concerns at 404.564.7272, 404.917.0710 or zac@zac.biz. The above information is sincerely deemed correct but is not guaranteed. The information has been compiled from numerous sources including but not limited to City of Atlanta Tax Records, City of Decatur Tax Records, City of Brookhaven Tax Records, Dekalb County Tax Records, Fulton County Tax Records, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor.com, Homes.com, HomeFinder.com, and many other websites. If your home is currently listed for sale, please disregard our proactive marketing. It is not our intention to solicit the business of our colleagues. Reports generated 08/20/2016.

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