The Seller's List Of Easy Fix-Ups

The overall condition of your home has a huge impact on how quickly it sells. Investing a little time and elbow grease into your home could increase its eventual selling price. Here are some simple DIY tips to showcase the best version of your home!

Excite with the Outside

Create curb appeal

You want prospective buyers oohing and ahhing at your home before they even get out of their cars. The exterior is what the general public sees most frequently, so it’s always a major selling point. Keep all walkways clear leading up to your home and have an eye-catching item by its entrance.

Add color

Adding color to the outside of your home instantly brightens up the exterior—and perhaps even potential buyers’ moods. Potted flowers, bold throw pillows on porch furniture, or just a simple welcome mat will excite buyers before they step foot in the front door.

Work the landscaping

Your yard is an extension of your home and is also a good indicator of how well you take care of it. A green, freshly mowed lawn serves as a great “first impression” for buyers. Make sure to trim any shrubbery and remove any yard debris, too.

Deepen Interest on the Inside

Make your kitchen shine

The kitchen is one of the focal points of your home, and ultimately an area that can make or break a home-buying decision. Focus on the kitchen by allowing in as much natural light as possible, adding a fresh scent, and organizing the cabinets—believe us, buyers are going to be opening them.

Show off your storage

Now’s the time to finally get around to donating all the old items you don’t use anymore, including clothes crammed in the back of your closet, decor cramping your living spaces, and general household items you simply don’t need. Whether buyers are downsizing or upsizing, they tend to prioritize storage spaces—so you should too as the seller.

Take touch-ups seriously

Buyers should view your home as a finished masterpiece, not an in-progress repair project. Make bathrooms fully functional by repairing any leaky sinks or slow drains. Assess your entire home and touch up any chipped paint, paying close attention to high-traffic areas.

Sell Them with the Final Details

Utilize your garage

Although it’s easy to overlook your garage, it should be treated as another room in your home. Clean and organize your garage to make it seem as spacious as possible. Homeowners often repurpose their garage areas to be man caves or workspaces, so you want buyers to be able to envision yours to fit their needs.

Emphasize functionality

A home isn’t just meant to look pretty—it’s meant to be lived in. Rearrange your home to be a functional space that fosters productivity for prospective buyers. Carve out an area of your home to create an office space or reposition living room furniture to create a conversational gathering area.

Blend indoors with outdoors

Open up your home to endless opportunities by encouraging indoor-outdoor living. This home design allows buyers to envision a lifestyle in which their indoor and outdoor activities seamlessly flow together. Create the effect of indoor-outdoor living spaces by drawing back all window curtains and even opening doors when the weather is pleasant at showings.

Selling Your Metro Atlanta Home?

Using these fix-up tips will increase the perceived value of your home and have it flying off the market in no time. Selling has never been simpler than when working with The Zac Team @ RE/MAX Metro Atlanta—contact us today to discuss how you can sell your Metro Atlanta home for top dollar.